The Carroll County Cattlemen’s Association held a beef vaccination clinic Sept. 29 at the Burgett Angus Farm in Carrollton.

A crowd of around 50 cattlemen from Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison and even Portage counties attended the event. Even some youngsters got in on moving and opening the cattle chute at the event.

Pfizer (pharmaceutical company that studies cattle and produces vaccinations and other medications for bovines.) sponsored the event, which was designed to teach the cattlemen about advances in vaccination and proper techniques for giving shots so that the cuts of the meat in the future are best quality possible.

The event brought the cattlemen together to learn new things and share advice they have gained from their own operations.

It was nice to hear the banter between the cattlemen about the current prices for beef and what the future might hold especially in the cattle yards. Bryan Burgett showed the group the methods they use for vaccinating weaned calves.

Bryan also talked about methods that they use on the farm to settle cattle so that they don’t get stressed out and become ill or get injured. Dr. Keith Burgett and his other son Phillip, showed the methods they use to keep cattle calm as they work them through the chutes.

This calf was a little stubborn when he first entered the gateway to the chute, but by the time it was his turn to enter the chute, he was calm and quiet.

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