Monthly archive October, 2011

Holidays not cheap, but usually worth the fun

The holidays only come around once a year, and this year I'm not going to let them pass unnoticed.

Werewolf Furry Finger Cookies

If you're planning to entertain guests this Halloween, try this cookie recipe for a frightfully delicious treat. The flaked coconut adds texture and gives these werewolf finger cookies their signature "furry" look.

Muddy field pictures no exaggeration, but hope is on the way

From Wooster, Ohio, to Fremont and beyond, it's truly a muddy mess.

Five farm things to chew on this week

You want some food for thought this week? Think refrigerators.

Wild week for news, stories everywhere

If you'd of told me beforehand we'd be writing about 50-plus exotic animals running loose in Mukingum County, I'd of thought you were crazy.

Taco Salad

Add some Mexican flavor to your next meal with this simple taco salad recipe. It combines all the staples of a traditional taco salad, including refried beans, beef, cheese and chili powder for a spicy kick.

Occupy combine or Occupy Tatooine, but just occupy something!

Quicker than a line can form for an Occupy Wall Street porta-jon, the Twitterverse took the #occupycombine hashtag and ran, er, Tweeted with it.

Is it over yet? Wishing record wet year farewell

When you consider just how wet it's been this year, we probably are fortunate the crops are as good as they are.

Something to ponder about our grain — then and now –

The soybean harvest has begun, but where will they end up when they leave your farm?

Farm reporting: What I do and why I do it.

But there are times when we must become vocal and face the crowd. I did some of that last week before a group of students at the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, Ohio.

Ripped From the Headlines trivia answers

Our Ripped From the Headlines trivia contest has ended, and for those of you who are curious, we're revealing the answers to the last two questions of the contest.

Skillet Mac and Cheese

Love mac and cheese, but tired of the same old boxed versions? Try this recipe for a quick, homemade meal.