Monthly archive August, 2011

Whining about your farm, or the weather? It could be worse!

It was hard to see a video of farmers and ranchers in the drought-stricken South selling off their livestock.

My state fair experience gets better every year

The state fair is similar, but different to the county fair, and it takes some understanding to appreciate both.

Some things to think about at the next junior fair livestock sale

During the next junior fair livestock sale you attend, think about these three groups of people: the 4-H'er, parents and the buyers.

Cucumber ranch dip

There are plenty of things to pair with dip: Potato chips, vegetables, wings. There are also plenty of dip recipes from which to choose. We like this one, which uses cucumbers and ranch seasoning for cool, crisp flavoring.

‘Positive news’ day at Tuscarawas County dairy farm

When you hear about the bad news, remember the good, also. And remember those who are working hard to feed their animals and the consuming public.

Baker’s Golden Dairy– A true delight to visit

Baker's Golden Dairy: where family and hard work are coming together to make a successful Ohio business.

Payday for 4-H’ers can mean many things

Some would say a 4-H project is meant to be a learning experience and not a money-maker. ... But there are others, like myself, who not only treated the project as a learning experience, but also as a source of revenue