Can you imagine doing 50 years of anything? I can’t.

But I met a man who has been tractor pulling for 50 years! I’m sure he’s not alone.

His name is John Stanley and to talk to him, you wouldn’t believe he could be old enough to have been pulling for 50 years.

Stanley went to his first tractor pull with his uncle and his brother around 1958. Then, in 1961, Stanley and his brother started pulling.

In fact, he participated in the first pull at Bunker Hill in the fall of 1961. And from there, his desire to pull was ignited.

He and his brother used to drive their tractor to Mile Branch Grange and Bunker Hill to pull. They would get their chores done and off they would go.

Stanley said he never thought 50 years later (not even at 65 years old), he would still be pulling or that the motorsport would have become what it is today.

You could tell from the conversation that he and his brother Jeff enjoyed their time pulling very much. Stanley said he was the one who continued pulling as they got older, but Jeff would come to the pulls and cheer him on. His other brother, Bill, is considered his number one fan, as he attends all the tractor pulls Stanley pulls in.

The Stanleys lost their brother, Jeff, in a freak accident in July. John told me he is going to continue pulling into retirement in his brother’s memory.

50 years later, it is great to see that the family still backs each other, no matter what their pursuit!

Be sure to read the entire story behind Stanley’s 50 years of pulling in the Sept. 15 edition of the Farm and Dairy.

Stanley pulling earlier this summer at the Harrison County Fair / Farm and Dairy photo

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