When I write something, I like to give it some time and thought. For a writer, that’s probably a good thing most of the time. But because I have quite a few county fair auctions to cover this week, I’m going to keep my words short, and let my pictures (and a video) do the talking.

When we attend fairs for Farm and Dairy, our primary focus is taking pictures of the livestock exhibitors and the project buyers at the auctions.

But I almost always make a pass or two across the grounds, to see what else is going on. It seems like there’s something happening in every corner of a county fairy — the auction ring, show barns, midway, arts and crafts buildings and of course the grandstand.

I shot these pictures in about an hour and a half Wednesday night at the Portage County Fair in Randolph, Ohio. I’ll be going back on Saturday for the rest of the animal auction, and I may make it to the Lorain County Fair today, for their auction.

At any rate, I’m getting pretty busy with fairs. We all are, to be fair to my co-workers.

But I still try to have a little fun with the camera, and to see what all I can catch in the frame on any given night. Take a look …

Chris Kick lives in Wooster, Ohio. An American FFA Degree recipient, he holds a bachelor’s in creative writing from Ashland University. He spends his free time on his grandparents’ farms in Wayne and Holmes counties.
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