A hog raised by a beautiful young lady in Carroll County made up his mind he was not going to be auctioned off… or so he thought.

The hog came jumping into the auction ring like many I have witnessed. And then… something happened I haven’t seen at any fair in my time here at the Farm and Dairy. And unfortunately for Kayla Brown, it occurred during the junior fair auction at the Carroll County Fair.

The mischievous hog hit the gate just at the right spot and…. it was off… into the crowd. (The ringmen eventually discovered the hog managed to break the spring holding the gate closed.)

After several minutes of the crowd moving and trying to corral the pig, the ringmen eventually got the hog back into the auction ring. But the hog made sure he greeted many in the audience before making his way back.

The hog raised by Brown was eventually corralled, but I have to say the young woman kept her composure and eventually smiled after the hog made its way back to her side.

Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses with her husband, Kurt. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism.
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