Monthly archive July, 2011

Blueberry crisp

Crisps are often thought of as fall or winter foods, but they can be adapted for any season depending on the fruit used in the recipe. This recipe uses blueberries to make a great summer crisp. Add a scoop of ice cream on the side to help keep cool on a hot summer day.

Vogel Valley Farms: a family to take a lesson from

A model size view of a farm can teach life lessons to those not connected to agriculture.

A visit to the Ohio Oliver show, and my own recollections

We hear a lot about John Deere and Case, as well as Ford. But Oliver and its successors are a tractor family that have rivaled them all, and their history to agriculture is important.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The county fair

I wish every child could experience the thrill of participating in a county fair.

This piggy didn’t want to go to the market…

A hog raised by a beautiful young lady in Carroll County made up his mind he was not going to be auctioned off... or so he thought.

Potato salad

Not only is potato salad a summer picnic staple, it also makes a great side dish for lunch or dinner. This traditional recipe is sure to please.

The future of dairy is in good hands

It was well over 90 degrees when I visited the Grammer Jersey farm in Sebring on Tuesday. Or at least it felt like it. But instead of hearing a group of young adults and teenagers complaining, I had the joy of meeting the future of the dairy industry. The Jersey Youth Academy is a program...

Unwanted horses— There has got to be a better solution

Every day, I read horrid stories about abandoned horses. I can understand is someone can no longerafford them or take care of them. What I don’t understand is why you would just abandon them.

Prepare yourself and your animals for a hot week

It may be common sense, but farmers also need to remember the dangers of high heat and the proper ways to be prepared.

Zesty Zucchini

Zucchini is such a versatile food — its usually delicious no matter how its prepared. Give yours some zest with this simple recipe, which uses white wine vinegar, basil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

DNA testing for dogs? It’s a must for some apartment dwellers

If you are going to be a pet owner, be responsible for it!

My 2011 vacation plans … stay home, get some things done

The so-called "staycation" has become somewhat of a norm for me and a lot of others.