Monthly archive June, 2011

Field work highlights colorful history, choices to farmers

When I take pictures of farmers doing field work, one of the things I love is the variety of colors and tractor models in the fields. ...

Sometimes you just can’t get it out of your blood

There are some things you just can't get out of your system, journalism and farming may be two of them.

Just Say Cheese photo contest weekly winner: Jason Harris

Jason Harris' daughter, Maggie, seems to know that cows like raspberries, too.

Grandin eats a burger, shares good sense in Ohio

It was a long drive from Wooster to the northwest Ohio town of Cygnet. But when you consider the speaker -- Temple Grandin -- and what she shared, it was worth it.

S’more Ice Cream Cake

S'mores are perfect campfire food, but they're harder to enjoy in high temperatures. This recipe helps beat the heat by turning s'mores into an ice cream treat you can enjoy anytime.

Hats off to farmers, agribusinesses who share their story

Over the years I've learned how to negotiate with sources to encourage them to share their story. But in the end, it's their own decision that makes the difference.

Just say Cheese!

June has sneaked up on us, and that means Dairy Month is here! It’s time to think about all of the great things the dairy industry gives us consumers.

Just Say Cheese photo contest winner: Martha Anderson

This week’s prize goes to Martha Anderson, who submitted a picture of a goat standing on a tree stump with a cloudy sky in the background.

Hawaiian Hibachi Steak Marinade

Marinade your next steak with Hawaiian flair. This recipe uses honey, pineapple juice, kiwi and lime juice to bring a tropical delight to your taste buds.

The chances farmers take

All farmers are taking chances to put meals on the table every day.

Home ownership is lots of work, and it’s never done

In a few short weeks, I will have lived in my first home a full year. In some ways it’s hard to believe — in other ways — I can believe it.