Bessie Zinz shot this photo of her cousin Danny taking his cow to milk.

The Farm and Dairy staff liked it so much we picked it to be the third weekly winner in our Just Say Cheese photo contest.

We didn’t receive as many silly pictures this week as we had during the first two weeks of the contest, but we still had plenty of great submissions to choose from.

Among some of the great entries we received this week was Lisa Ruble’s photo of cows under a rainbow. She snapped the picture as a few members of the Ruble’s dairy herd were waiting to be milked.

The Farm and Dairy editorial staff also loved Carmen Krymowski’s black-and-white photo of her daughter, Rebecca, holding a two-day-old Nubian goat.

Check our photo gallery to see more contest submissions.

We’ve gotten some awesome photos so far, and we’d like you to keep them coming! Visit to read the official rules and to enter.

The final deadline is 8 a.m. June 30.

Don’t miss your chance to win Farm and Dairy merchandise, a Baskin Robbins gift certificate or a three-gallon tub of ice cream from the Penn State Creamery!

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