This giant 15-pound hamburger was prepared especially in celebration of May Beef Month with the help of the Pennsylvania Beef Council at Denny’s Beef Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pa.

What a perfect combination! Beef Month and the official kickoff to summer.
What you might not know is how beef is integrated into our lives on a daily basis.

Here are five by-products from cattle that you might not know about:

— Chewing gum is made from oleo stearine derived from beef fat.
— Gelatin from the bones and hides is used for the amking of marshmallows and ice cream. (Of course we can’t kick off this summer without a roasted marshmallow on the fire or a dish of ice cream!)
— Beef tallow provides glycerine for lipstick, face and hand creams.
— Toothpaste
— Cough medicine
— Fabric softener
— Crayons
— More than 100 life-saving drugs
— Even explosives. And we all know a summer holiday weekend isn’t complete without fireworks!

Let’s take a moment and thank beef producers for providing us with an affordable product that can do so many things for us consumers!

Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses with her husband, Kurt. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism.
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