Today, I published a news article about the tornado recovery efforts at the Ohio Agriculture Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio.

It’s roughly a half-year after the storm, and I wanted to shed some light on the progress, of which there has been much.

When I talked with the campus’ director, Steve Slack, he said it’s important people remember these kinds of things even after they happen, because recovery is a long-term process.

I think that’s very true, in this disaster and in many others.

Change of ideas

I originally wrote today’s blog entry talking about my own experiences the night of the storm, and how it affected me as a reporter. But when I read about the most recent tornado in Alabama and other southern states, I decided to hold the idea, at least for now.

More than 200 people are said to be dead, the president has approved emergency federal assistance and the national guard is being sent in to help.

Homes and places of work are lost, whole sections of towns are destroyed and I can only partly imagine the devastation the people there are experiencing.

The people

Instead of rambling on about my own storm experiences, I thought I’d just turn it over to the stories about the people affected.

To read about the recovery at OARDC and Secrest Arbortetum, click here. We also have a slide show of pictures, and several related stories are listed below this story, if you forget the damage the Ohio storms caused.

And to read about the tornadoes in southern Ohio this week, all you really need to do is Google search “tornado” or “Alabama.” But some sources you might find more useful are The Tuscaloosa News, and a big one — CNN Breaking News.

Take a look at what’s going on out there. It’s all very real. And it will all be a long-term process for those involved.

Chris Kick lives in Wooster, Ohio. An American FFA Degree recipient, he holds a bachelor’s in creative writing from Ashland University. He spends his free time on his grandparents’ farms in Wayne and Holmes counties.
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